LIVE Webinar May 11th: Clinician’s Guide to Peer Support Team Oversight

About This Training:

Peer support teams are a critical element to wellness initiatives established by many public safety agencies.  When managed well and supervised with good clinical oversight, peer teams can be force multipliers by providing support and wellness strategies to agency personnel. Providing culturally competent team oversight requires clinicians to understand and follow best-practice guidelines to collaboratively work with team leaders and members.  Dr. Brower has provided peer support team training and oversight for over 20 years. These decades of experience have honed the skills required to balance building relationships with peer leaders and team members while maintaining professional boundaries and managing organizational needs. Dr. Brower will share her experience about how to skillfully provide sound clinical advice and consultation to peer teams, best support both new and existing teams,  and how to assist in revitalizing dormant or under-utilized teams.  This is a foundational course for any clinician wanting to branch into public safety peer support team oversight.

After this training, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of a well-rounded basic peer support training curriculum, along with critical training topics.
  • Explain the foundational components, structure, and clinical needs of peer support teams in emergency responder and public safety agencies.
  • Identify key issues associated with providing consultative services, along with legal and ethical considerations and common topics that can potentially create conflict for clinicians

Class attendees will be eligible to receive 2 CEs.

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