NERPSC Launches New Website

Today marks the first fully operational day of the new NERPSC website.

The National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center™ recognizes and understands the unique needs of the community it serves. We have created a powerhouse of resources to build and enhance sustained performance, wellness, and resiliency.

Our value-added programming is created in collaboration with those who are equally passionate about serving this population. The result is class-leading, data-driven, responder-approved education and training resources, focused on three distinct interconnected groups:

NERPSC has created the first master’s level, and above, Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician Certification™, which features 40 hours of core education plus 16 hours of verified experiential participation in the emergency responder or public safety work environment. Clinician certification creates a national standard of competency, identifying those clinicians who are culturally competent and trauma-informed. Responders need to have a trusted resource to turn to when they need support.

The ERPSCC is not all we offer to clinicians, however. Outside of the ERPSCC, we also offer other courses catered to clinicians working with responders. View our Clinician page for more information and to view our course catalogue:

Agencies and Responders
NERPSC understands that budgets have been reduced, retirements have been overwhelming, morale has taken a hit, and recruitment and retention has been an uphill battle. We have re-envisioned wellness and lengthy trainings, developing a cost-effective, online toolkit of powerful interventions to address all levels of mental health and wellness. NERPSC is also facing the tough topics head-on, providing specialized training to enhance responders’ work within our communities.

We offer a Peer Support bundle as well as a plethora of other individual responder-curated courses. View our Responder page for more information and to view our course catalogue:

NERPSC is committed to addressing the topics that are important to responder families. We provide relevant resources to strengthen responder families and support networks. These resources provide practical assistance and support to help families with everyday challenges and necessary preparedness strategies.

We also offer family courses, all the way down to courses that help parents talk to their kids. View our Family page for more information and to view our course catalogue: