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Last Name First Name License Type License State Other Creds. Contact Info
Demas Glenda LPC Georgia,Texas ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (832) 291-8363
Denton Kimberly LCSW Indiana ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (219) 863-6854
Dody Nadine LPC Oregon ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (541) 699-2915
Dolan Kelly LMHC New Hampshire ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (603) 787-3144
Douglass-Barnes Ashlyn LCSW Florida ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (407) 564-3459
Duran Haylee LMFT California ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (424) 260-3955
Eckert Tracy LPC Connecticut Substance use Email:
Phone: (860) 965-7500
Edmonds Becky LMFT Colorado,Montana,Oregon ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (406) 201-5704
Ewing Melissa LMFT Kansas Brainspotting Email:
Phone: (620) 322-1338
Farnaby, PsyD Sarah LPC District of Columbia,Maryland,Virginia ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (202) 506-3240
Faucette Ashley LCSW Maryland ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (301) 690-8059
Fienning Alison LCSW Arizona,Florida,Kentucky,Ohio ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (513) 520-2532
Forst Teri LPC Alaska ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (907) 921-1291
Fraser Wally LPC Maine ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (207) 331-8165
Gervais Delphine LCSW California,Colorado,Florida,Georgia,New Jersey,Washington ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (954) 281-2958
Gilbert Dr Tobi Psychologist Florida,North Carolina,Ohio,South Carolina ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (910) 650-4525
Gilbert Janette LCSW Georgia ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (770) 333-0045
Godoy Richard LCSW Texas ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (940) 539-9917
Grashorn Jarah LCSW Colorado ASPBB - APIT Email:
Phone: (970) 829-1851
Groom Elizabeth LPC Colorado Email:
Phone: (308) 289-0881


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