National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center™

“After having a chance to review the information on the NERPSC, I would like to offer my full support and encouragement for this program. Being in law enforcement, or any first responder agency is difficult work, but the past few months have increased the difficulty and stress exponentially! Between the COVID pandemic, social unrest, and many organizations facing critical budgetary issues, this is one of the most difficult times to be a first responder. An already difficult and stressful profession is even more difficult and taxing. The stress impacts not only our employees but has sign.”

Daniel McCasky
Former Chief of Police
Lakewood Police Department

“Having clinicians who are culturally competent, trauma informed and easily identifiable through this certification and the national registry is a game-changer.”

Marc C. Sears
Fraternal Order of Police President – Lodge 49

“Responders have long needed a reliable way to identify mental health clinicians who understand both the culture and the chronic exposure to stress and trauma that come with the job. Far too many responders have reached out in times of need to clinicians who get it, were visibly upset by the calls shared with them, or who judged the responder for using culturally condoned coping mechanisms. Dr. Brower has created the solution – a program that supports clinicians in delivering culturally competent and trauma-informed care through a certification that guides responders to these providers.”

Rhonda Kelly
FF/Paramedic and Responder Strong Founder

“I have been a member of a police Peer Support Team for several years, and like many first responders, have experienced a number of critical incidents throughout my career. Now, more than ever, we need the type of support offered by the National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center for responders and their families, particularly given the challenges posed by the current climate of our country.”

Fred R. Meyer
Greeley Police Department | Operations Division

“The entire webinar was highly informative, comprehensive, and influential. I was most touched by the section addressing racial/ethnic and sexual diversity within law enforcement. The diversity section of the webinar (and the webinar, overall) forced me to address my own biases and blind spots when working with law enforcement. Furthermore, the NERPSC course propelled me to further pursue opportunities in working with law enforcement agencies and extend my interest within Police and Public Safety Psychology.”

Licensed Psychologist

“The course content is extensive and thorough; it addresses issues from perspectives ranging from neurobiological to emotional to cultural. Jaime is generous in sharing her wisdom, which I believe, comes from her experiences, educational background, as well as her personal knowledge of first responder culture. The content is so rich that I will refer to it again and again.”

Michelle Tyson MA
Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor

“I strongly endorse the clinician certification offered by the National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center. I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand the powerful impact that a clinician trained to work with first responders can have on an individual who has been through a potentially life-altering event. Unfortunately, I have also seen the effects of clinicians who lacked the requisite training and experience in dealing with first responders. I applaud the efforts of the staff at NERPSC in offering the Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician Certification!”

Fred R. Meyer
Greeley CO Police Department | Operations Division

“I have completed the NERPSC Clinician Certification and found the program to be excellent! The conversational style of the trainings is engaging and delivered with heart and authenticity. The information is high-level, even for those of us who have been practicing for 20 years or more. First responders are truly a unique population and I am proud to have the training to more adequately serve those men and women who sacrifice so much to serve their communities. Thank you NERPSC!”

Tracy Bailey, MSW, LCSW
Private Practice, Valencia, CA

“I am halfway through this training and am truly impressed by the value derived from all three presenters. It is a course deserving of your consideration and is among the very top training experiences in my fifty-five-year clinical career.”

Experienced Trauma Therapist

“My professional practice has been enriched since completing the Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician Certification (ERPSCC) training. The training resources, relevant examples, expert presenters, and support network throughout the training enabled me to remain appropriately educated and informed. The process of becoming a ERPSCC consolidated my education, training and expanded my eyes to better understand what I need to know, in addition to what I did not know to better serve our emergency responders within this distinct area of practice. Additionally, having the ERPSCC credential has allowed me to market myself, knowing the standards, expectations, and requirements to keep me relevant as a provider and qualified to help this specialized population with an outside of the box therapeutic style. Being an ERPSCC is one of the most respected credentials I have held in my years of practice and it is one that I highly recommend.”

Licensed Mental Health Counselor